An educational puzzle-game for learning the Alef-Bet

About Alef Bet Puzzle

Alef Bet Puzzle gives a fun introduction to the Hebrew alphabet, through solving animal puzzles.

While solving the puzzles, the children learn to read and pronounce the Hebrew ABC, during a fun and amusing game with various animals, humorous animations, animal voices and interactive actions.

The game contains 22 puzzles of all the Hebrew ABC, each with an animal name starting with that letter. The puzzle is divided into the letters of the word, for instance - the cat puzzle is composed of 4 pieces - "het", "tav", "vav" and "lamed".

On completion of the puzzle, the letters are read along with the animal's name

After each puzzle is finished, comes a fun part where the animal's drawing is revealed, and touching different elements activates fun animations, like laying the chicken's eggs and hatching them to chicks, playing hide and seek with squirrels in the forest, changing the lizard's color, spreading the peacock's feathers, cutting the sheep's wool, and more.

The animals appearing in the game are: lion, swan, camel, fish, hippo, vardit, zebra, cat, peacock, owl, sheep, lizard, jellyfish, snake, squirrel, bat, elephant, turtle, hedgehog, oryx, snail and a chicken.

The game was developed in consult with first grades teachers in order to maximize the learning effect, and a lot of time and thought was invested to create a whole world which provides a wonderful, fun and amusing learning experience.

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